A love for all things silly

Creating things for the fun of it all

I’ve always had an appreciation for silly, fun events.

Parades? Giant Bubbles! Yes, please! I love to see people smiling. 

I create props and accessories for anything you can imagine. I craft, sew, glue, and imagine. 



Shadow Puppets

Creating custom puppets

It started as a surprise birthday gift for a friend – how about a custom shadow puppet show? It was a huge hit. People could make out their friends and loved the simple hero story. 

From there I moved onto stories for events, to mark anniversaries and other fun moments. Right now I’m working on an alien invasion story, who will win?

Let me help you

Helping artists with ideas and advice

If you have an idea and want to do some brainstorming, let’s talk.

email me at hello@mistypost.com

Misty Post reflection in bubble on sidewalk