PDX Disco Dragons



Porngy (Pink + Orange) was the original dragon, created in 2014. This is the heaviest dragon by far. It’s made from styrofoam, foam, paper mache, marabou, mirrors, disco balls, tap and twinkle LEDs.  

WHite Luck


White Luck was born in 2015. This one is narrower and lighter than Porngy. It’s made from styrofoam, foam, wire, paper mache, marabou, mirrors, disco balls, paint &  3 kinds of LEDs lights. 

Sam the Silver


Sam came along in 2016, to be friends with White Luck and Porngy. Sam is made from recycled insulation, paper mache, foam, wire, paint, emergency blankets, mylar, reflective zippers, mirrors & 2 kinds of LEDs lights. 

gilda the green


Gilda is the latest dragon, created in 2017. She is the lightest, made from wire, foam, gaff tape, paper mache, cinefoil, paint and LED light strips.

Featured Videos

Gilda the Green Dragon, just hanging out in PDX. And here is a video that shows the PDX Disco Dragons dancing at the Portland Winter Light Festival.

See them again at PDXWLF in 2019. Fun times!

oh, just a bunch of dragons dancing on some lily pads… Portland Winter Light Festival Ellumiglow

Posted by Jen Kilcoyne on Thursday, February 2, 2017